Remove input

Hi! I don’t know whay I am doing wrong but when I try to render the clean plate I created to remove an object I get this message and it does not remove the object "Frame 524 not rendered in Clip “Remove input”.

Hi, we need more information to solve this.

Is your shot tracked correctly?

Do you have the background layer for the remove tracked?

What is the cleanplate you are using, if any?

Be as specific as possible, I can’t solve issues when I don’t have enough information. Reply in this thread and not the other post, I won’t solve the same issue in two threads.

Please give me more information and I will be happy to help you.


thanks lady :heart_eyes:.
1- yes , shot correctly
2- yes i have background layer
3- i’m using pen x

OK, Can I see a screenshot?

Also having a bug in my remove where I deleted clean plate photo shop files and when I go into the edit my clean plates I’m unable to delete them. Can only add new clean plates but when rendering it gives me an error because I don’t have those clean plate files anymore.

Essentially forcing me to create another remove layer from scratch…

Do you have a fix for this as well?

You delete cleanplate clips from the “clips” tab in Mocha. Go to the clips dropdown, select the remove cleanplate, and delete.

Are you using a cleanplate?

it’s important? how i can using?

i’m using exactly like tutorial .


OK, if you’re using a cleanplate for this and still not getting a remove, it’s not exactly like the tutorial. There’s a step missing and I am trying to figure out what step that is. Can you open your cleanplate in the remove module and check and make sure it is assigned to the proper frame you took it from and not set to “all”?