Remove just not working

So I’ve gone through a few different tutorials to see if Im missing anything, and I cant seem to wrap my head around why my remove isnt working. I import my clip, its a long quicktime but the remove happens from frame 263-767, so I set that as the frame range. I then track one of the planes I need to remove a logo from, and then a second plane. I now have two layers. I then click on one of the layers, go to the remove tab, create a clean plane, open it in Photoshop, paint everything out, save. But after that there is no way for me to get the clean shot to be visible in Mocha Pro. Ive clicked on “Use Cleanplates Explusively” but still nothing, it just renders out a frame looking exactly the same.


What could I be doing wrong?

The remove is dependent on layer order. Your layer order needs to look like this:

REMOVE LAYER: this is the object you want to remove, and the layer your cleanplate will be on.
BACKGROUND TRACKED LAYER: this is how you remove the object, tracking the planar background, it MUST be tracked rock solid and the shape MUST encompass the entire shape of the smaller remove layer for the whole shot.

If your shot doesn’t look like that, then that is your problem. If that is not the case, I might need to take a look at your shot. You can send that to me at

Oh, so I can’t just track one shape and replace that one shape? I need a planar track and then a second shape within it?

Now its working! Not sure how I missed that in the tutorials!


Thank you so much!