Remove leaves parts of the to remove object

Hi - attempting my first removes.

The sources are pretty compressed - and I am trying to remove construction cranes.

One scene has two cranes in front of a suburban mixture of houses and trees. The crane closer to the camera is removed pretty clean, the one further way has small ares that seem to not be recognized as being part of the moving object and the crane appears to move thru that area over time.

The second scene has also two cranes with one being in front of buildings of similar color and parts of the crane being almost stationary during the camera move - that area in front of the the buildings is not removed.

Is there anything I can do ?

I have tracked larger and smaller areas several times.

Thank you -


This is so specific I would have to see it. But probably the parallax between planes on the buildings is causing you issues. When I have run into fiddly crane shots like this (and a few Summers ago I did about 25 of these shots around the Colosseum in Rome… yikes), I had to individually paint the planes on the sides and tops of buildings, the roads, and anything else that was left over and link that to the Mocha track after letting the remove do everything that it could.

If you email me the shot I can take a look. MaryP at BorisFX dot com.


I’m just moving this over the the Mocha Pro forum as this has been posted in Mocha AE.