Remove Light Reflections on Glasses with Eye Movement

Goal: Remove light reflections and bring back the subject’s eyes.

Started to follow a process similar to Glare Remove, Impossible Shots, Ep 2 | Moviola, though our file is nearly :30, and we are using After Effects, not Resolve.

  • I’m curious how you would go about doing the replacement
  • While I can manually track each of the reflections of the ring light on the lenses, glare on the frames keeps me from getting a solid track with shear and perspective. What should I track to get the best plane?
  • How to recreate the eye movement with a continual set of images for the clean plate.

Or is it something else?

I’d try tracking the top rim of the glasses and some of her forehead and then the bottom of the rims and some cheek. Once you have a track, use adjust track to correct any drift, then use a patch like a corner pin with roto to replace the eyes and lenses and glare.

The glare should track with translation only if you need to roto the glare out to blend the original plate back in. I would also use tight roto for the glasses rims as a good blend point for the patch.

You’re unlikely to get the eye movement back so you might be better off trying to replace what you can and rotoscoping eye movement back in where possible, and hand painting any frames that are necessary to re-paint by hand.

This is definitely not an easy shot. If possible, re-shoot. If not, you’re looking at a lot of hand finessing, especially over so long a clip.

You can always precomp an insert clip too, it does not have to be a still. You might consider the Insert Module with motion blur for the bulk of this work or a basic corner-pin workflow.


Thank you for your input, @maryp!