Remove module - 32-bit float



I’m looking to use mocha pro to solve some wire removal tasks. I’m using open color ACES workflow inside after effects - so converting Arri LogC footage to ACEScg linear for compositing.

When attempting to use the remove module in mocha pro for AE, it seemed to be doing a good job, but when viewing it in after effects, it seems that the bright values are being clamped at 1 which is no good. Interestingly it only clamps the areas that have been removed, the rest of the frame comes back at the correct values. I need to be doing this paint work before grading, so converting to output colour space (rec709) isn’t an option. I could potentially do the paint work on the log footage, before converting to ACEScg linear, but then I get the washed out Log look in the mocha viewer which is a nightmare to identify the areas which need cleanup.

I’ve noticed there is a colorspace panel in ‘Clip’, but all options are greyed out.

I’m using a trial at the moment to see if mocha could do the job, and would be interested in purchasing if it can do what I need!




When you render any of the modules in Mocha, each full-res frame is rendered to an intermedia file in the results folder (for the plugin these are temp folder files). This will be at full project bit depth. Can you try exporting the rendered clip out of Mocha and seeing if it is clipped to one? When you use File | Export Rendered Clip, Mocha reads back those intermediate files and exports them as whatever format you choose, I would recommend EXR or similar.

Can you try that and let me know? It may be that it isn’t rendering at depth inside of AE for some reason.



Hi Mary,

Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve done an export and it still clips the removed areas to 1. The rest of the frame where the remove module has not altered pixels has values above 1. The output is much much more contrasty (the brightest values have gone from 48 up to crazy hexadecimal numbers 5e+03 etc) but I think that’s a different issue.


Something that may help identify the problem. The clamped areas seem to be towards the edges of the removed area - some areas in the centre are OK. Perhaps the remove module is only clamping the areas where it blends?


Hi Tom,

Thanks for reporting this, it definitely sounds like a bug. Can you please check, when you use the remove module, does it show GPU or CPU in the progress bar? Can you also please send us your Mocha log file from Help | View Log so that we can investigate this?

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Hi JP, i’ve just PMed you. It says GPU, yes. I’m running 2 x 1080ti’s.




Hi guys, I just wanted to check to see if you had any updates on this? In the mean-time, is there a workaround whereby I can work on LogC footage (no values above 1)? The main thing I need is a way to be able to view it with a LUT (rec709?) or at least a contrast adjustment in the viewer. Thanks, Tom.


Hi Tom,

Sorry for the delay, we are investigating this and I expect to have some concrete information tomorrow.

One possible workaround is to temporarily convert to rec709 (in AE), set up your Mocha project, then switch to passing LogC through for the final render. Any rendering you do in the Mocha UI is a preview, the final render is done back in AE.

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Hi Tom,

We’ve fixed this bug in Mocha Pro 6.0.2 as a side effect of some other work we were doing on the remove module. We’re hoping to get a beta version out this week and will be in touch with you directly when it’s ready to try.

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Great stuff, thanks JP