Remove module / advice needed


I’m working on a project where I’m asked to remove the driver of a vespa. I plan to use the remove module so I shot some drafts to experiment. The results are impressive but I face some difficulties. I have a shot where I use the multiplanar technique. It works well except in one part where a planar object shifts and I dont know how to solve the issue. Here is a link of the source shot and my result.

Thanks for your help


The major difficulties are going to be around:

  • The rails on the ramp (these will need to be tracked and rotoed separately due to parallax)
  • Replacing the handlebars and other areas of the bike covered by the original driver. This will require clean plates.
  • The different planes of the walls, ground and stairs. You may need additional background tracks for these areas if there are obvious artefacts
  • You'll need some foreground masks for the poles and grass at the beginning of the shot to avoid removing them
The easiest thing to do here may be to remove in several passes so you get most of the driver out, then go through again and clean up the artefacts afterwards.

You may also get some luminance issues with the wet ground, but Linear illumination should help there.

Thanks Martin,
For the moment I’m not worried about the bike. I know I’ll have some work on that but it is a matter of time. I want to solve the background and I’m stucked on the ramp which I don’t manage to track correctly. At some point I have to switch to manual tracking but it seems to mess the remove. I think I’m doing something wrong when I switch to manual. When I try to align the surface corner on previous ref points the grid shows me that it is not accurate and sometimes it shifts my surface on all previous keyframes. I’ve never been really comfortable with manual tracking, there must be something I haven’t understood.

Yes, the hard part is definitely around the 225 frame mark where the bike starts to completely obscure the stairs.

I would suggest a manual track from that point using the Q,W and E tools to move the surface as a whole, rather than try to move the corner points individually.

The alternative is you can try doing a basic remove with just the wall plane first, then try to reintroduce the correct rail movement afterwards as a separate pass. Either way is going to be tricky!!

Thanks Martin,
I haven’t found a lot of training ressources about manual tracking. Do you recall having recorded some in depth tutorial about that?

There are a couple, but this is the most succinct for your needs:

The main thing you need to be sure to do is pre-set some keyframes before you start the manual adjustment:

  1. Track as much as you can
  2. Make sure the surface is in a position that is lined up the plane and easy for you to eyeball
  3. Switch to manual tracking
  4. Set a manual keyframe at the end tracking point
  5. Move along the timeline to a point where you believe you can get more auto tracking data
  6. Set another manual keyframe.
  7. Adjust in-between these keyframes
  8. Move to the final set keyframe and keep tracking.

Thanks a lot MArtin,

I’ve watched that one several times already. Your step by step check list will be handy for sure.

Have a nice day, Greg.