Remove Module at 1/4 res proxy?


I have used 1/4 proxy while tracking with no issues when working with 5K footage, however, I am not sure if it affects the remove module.

For example, if I use the remove module @ 1/4 res while it’s “repainting / removing”, is it rendering (painting out) at 1/4 res as well?

My concern is because sometimes when I go to 1/4 res, the results don’t look good or it doesn’t look like it’s working, until I go back to full res. Then it looks fine.

I expect it to look crappy at 1/4 res but sometimes it doesn’t look like it removed it at all…until I switch to FULL. Then it looks OK.



Proxy mode will work at proxy resolutions for all renders. You should switch back to full to get the correct result.

If you’re not seeing a result when rendering at proxy res however, this sounds like a defect! Is this always the case?

Well, when I switch back to FULL, it shows up fine, however, the render times on a 5K clip is like watching paint dry.

I had the pleasure of using the Remove module for 3 full days, and I discovered that if you obey a specific set of guidelines, it works just fine.

But if I happen to skip a proper step, or not use it in the most efficient way, then all hell breaks loose. So by the 3rd day, I was a pro at it and zipping along just fine.

My only fear is I will forget all the correct steps in order to have a seamless workflow if I have no need to use it in a month. Sounds like a good time for me to make a tutorial on just that subject. :slight_smile:


For 5K stuff it is definitely worth optimising the remove parameters. The larger the frames, the more time the module is going to need to process the frames, so limiting the frames it has to look at is ideal.

Perhaps we should do a specific tutorial on rendering for performance. :slight_smile: