Remove Module Crash Mocha Pro Plugin v8.0

Hey everyone! Loving the new features, except this one! I’ll dive right in:

Remove Module Crashes Repeatedly Rendering Frame

Shot Details:
38 Frame Clip
4096x2160 24p
ProRes 422HQ
Rec.709 Gamma 2.4

Scene Description:
Long drone pull out shot of sniper. Two vehicles need to be removed from scene.

Repro Steps:

  • Scene is coming in from a split layer in AE 2020
  • Vehicle 1 and 2 are tracked individually
  • Background rectangle is tracked last behind the two vehicle layers
  • Layer tracking is turned off after each track has been corrected
  • Open remove module, select Vehicle 1 layer, advance playhead to middle
  • Leave all settings default
  • Click ‘Render Frame’ button to render the current frame only
  • Mocha Pro Plugin crashes, host app remains unaffected

Resolution Attempts:

  • Clearing the cache
  • Moving the cache
  • Rebooting
  • Variations of removal (Vehicle 2 AND 1, Vehicle 2, etc)
  • Layer reordering (except background)

All the logs and system info are available on my DropBox. I can provide the shot upon request. Thanks in advance for the help folks! Cheers!

Thanks @tobydz.

This could be either a threading issue or a GPU issue.
Two things we can try:

  1. Can you try setting your “Maximum threads per thread pool” to 16 in the System preferences in Mocha then restart Flame?
  2. If that still fails, can you try turning OFF GPU processing in your GPU preferences in Mocha then restart your host?

Hey Martin! I’ll give that a try right now.

Well Martin much to my dismay, your idea worked. Would you happen to know of any way of diagnosing whatever issue my GPU has? Do you guys use some kind of benchmark software over there that might help figure this out? Don’t hold back on the technicalities – I was a developer at Microsoft for about 20 years (off and on) starting back in the 90s so you won’t hurt me :wink: Thanks as always for your help.