Remove module curiosity

Hello - I did a remove, which worked perfectly, and exported a rendered file. When I inserted it into Premiere, it was a frame short; It was supposed to be 149 frames but was only 148.

In mocha, I moved the in-point back a frame, but could not get a remove on this added frame. When I click on any of the render buttons, there’s a quick flash as if it were a quick render but the object I’m trying to remove is still there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


got it. it was an incorrect frame setting in the layer properties panel. thanks for leading me in the right direction

thanks for the quick reply. I tried and/or confirmed the two things you mentioned and still no luck.

Hi there,

Check to make sure your “First Frame” and “Last Frame” match your frame range or it may not consider the frame. Also make sure your layer in/out points match the entire frame range.