Remove module does nothing

I am really confused about random error on Mocha Pro. I use it in Davinci 16 as OFX module. I create the background plate in PS, select use only plates and sometimes when I render it works and many times nothing happens too. It is really so frustrating. The randomness is what is confusing me. If it never worked I would think something is wrong with the way Mocha Pro interacts with Davinci but sometimes it works perfectly so really I am lost on why this behaviour.

Unfortunately, Resolve is not an officially supported host for Mocha Pro as the the way they have implemented OFX. We are still in talks with Resolve development team to fix outstanding issues of both speed and reliability.

At this point in time, the Remove module is one of the issues that is not working 100% correctly and this is why we do not “officially support” this host. If you require Mocha pro’s remove module, you may want to look at the standalone application OR running it inside one of the supported hosts such as Adobe.

Are you seeing this problem rendering inside Mocha, or back in the Resolve node graph?

Hello I uninstalled latest version and went back to 0.2 instead of 0.4 and everything is working perfect again. So latest version broke all the remove module in latest davinci resolve 16 version, at least on my system

Thanks. As I am in Resolve and really hated Premiere I want to stay in Davinci even if it takes a while until you fully support it. At the speed Resolve is being used by more and more users it is in the best interest of Boris FX and Blackmagic to make their products work well together.