Remove Module Loses Rendered Frames

I know this has been asked in the past. But, Im unclear as to what the answer was. Every time I do a remove and render it to see the result in Mocha Pro it seems fine. But once I close the project for the day and go back into it I have to re-render those frames every time. Why is this happening? Shouldn’t Mocha remember the renders/results? Please help.

The answer depends on what version of mocha you are using, where the cache is being saved, and whether or not you’re exporting your rendered frames.

Which version of mocha, 4 or 5? Are you using the plugin or the standalone? Where are you saving your cache files to? Are you clearing the cache on exit?

Once you render your timeline you should export your frames in the file >export rendered clip dialogue to save it as rendered frames instead of keeping it in the cache unless you are using the plugin, which is meant to cache in the host instead and be rendered as part of the final render our of the host.

Let me know what version you are using and I can get more specific.


I am using the most recent version of the plugin. So I thought it would just access the cached frames each time? I keep my clean plates with my Premiere Project file and the cache files go to the default location that Mocha specifies.

So the plugin doesn’t keep the internal renders every time you switch between the host and the plugin, it’s meant to render back to the timeline. You can render that part of the timeline in Premiere and Premiere should hold onto it, or you can export your render and drop it onto your timeline if you don’t want to render back to the timeline in Premiere.

We can see about adding that as a feature request though.

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Sounds good thanks. This was more of a shot that Im working on that is a few days worth of removal. So I will just re-render everytime I have to come back into the project. And once I am happy with this part I will render out and mask together the shot in Premiere or AE.

Thanks for the input th0m. I’ve created a feature request to retain the mocha plugin cache on exit like we do for the standalone version.


So I’m using Mocho Pro 2020 as a plugin in Premiere 2020 and I just used the remove module to remove a logo.

When I render the remove in Mocha…close out and save, and then back in Premiere check the “render” box and select the remove module but it doesn’t keep the rendered frames.

Is this still a limitation?

You need to render in the Premiere timeline.
When you render inside Mocha Pro interface, you can export to file, but for plugin behavior, the render has to happen in the host.

So the 2 ways to work:
Render in Mocha UI, export and then import back to host
Do a few test frame renders while in Mocha UI, then save and render in timeline.


Yeah I rendered in the Mocha UI…saved and exited back into Premiere. Checked the “render” check box and selected the “Remove” module in the drop down menu then rendered the clip in the Premiere timeline. Nothing. It looks like Mocha isn’t hanging on to the cached render files.

The only solution that seems to work is your first option. Render in the Mocha UI and then export and import back in to the host.

So in this video…

At about the 11:45 mark…after rendering in the mocha UI, saving and exiting back into Premiere…he selects the remove module from the drop down and clicks the check box and it renders the remove without him having to render the clip in the Premiere timeline.

Nevermind…I figured out what the problem was. User error.

I have a 1080 piece of footage scaled up in 4K timeline. Because I was going to apply a speed ramp to the “fixed” footage…I nested the clip and didn’t change the project settings of the nested clip to reflect that of the actual clip itself. Once I changed the project settings to reflect the clip itself, everything worked as it’s supposed to.