Remove module - multiplanar

Hi all,

i have a problem removing a crane from a drone shoot.

Here the original shoot: - YouTube

Here the mocha screenshot of how i tracked the clip:

and here the result (partial): - YouTube


Once i have tracked the 4 planes, i linked them together to avoid edges. Then i have created a cleanplate and then removed with the remove module (with all illumination mode). Is this the right workflow?

If you watch the result clip, you can see some artifact where the spline was link togerther, and an hard edge in the whole remove.

Any hints to obtain a better result?

Thank you! And sorry for my english

You will probably get better results if you instead create a series of overlapping shapes instead of linking them together. You can then feather the edges slightly on the overlapping shapes and that should give you a nicer looking result.

Try that and let me know how it works for you.



Hi, i’m a bit late. With overlapping shapes, i got quite the same results, but probably it’s my fault.

I solved in another way (it’s not a “clean” way…i hate this! :smiley: ). I have tracked all the “plane” in Z and used transform data on nulls, then i have parented some cleanplate. Not professional and a bit weird if you look closely :smiley:

Here the result: - YouTube

Don’t look at the flying load! :smiley:

I’ll try again with remove tool…hope to learn better.


Thank you Mary!

Maybe it’s the compression, but I don’t see the errors you are talking about?