Remove Module not Rendering (stereo 360 footage) in After Effects

Hi there,

I am new to Mocha pro and currently working on a stereoscopic 360 Footage where i simply want to remove some parts (escpecially the Camera rig). I followed along the video Mocha VR: Object Removal - YouTube but iam not getting my cleanplate to show up. i can select it in the dropdown, whre i also see it, but i dont see anything happening in after effects. Also i when i press render frame in mocha i dont see my clean plate. I pressed the creat button in mocha, quick edit in photoshop, then linked the tif in the celanplate menue.

Here some screenshots:

Im working on win10 pro, after effects 18.4 (and 17.7, tried both), mocha pro 18.0.3

Is this a known issue?
What am i missing? Is there a andvanced in depth tutorial on the lates mocha release for masking/tracking/retouching stereo 360 Footage?

(i also tried tracking the BG layer, but as it is a static camrea i even dont need that. But i still see some advantages if i use mocha instead of just layering a png/tif with alpha. But i cant get it to work)

Thanks for help

Ok. Thank you for the screenshots.

What does your BG shape look like? Does it always contain the remove shape?

Hi, and thanks for your fast answering;)
Well, the background shape is just a rectangle somewhere on the ground. Three questions on this:

  1. Is it necessary to have a background layer/ shape in mocha when using the replace module?
  2. Do i have to track the background shape (even if it is a static shot)?
  3. Does the background shape have to contain the remove shape (in every frame)?

Thanks for further help

Yes, you must have a background shape.

Yes, it must be tracked. In fact it’s the only layer that has to be tracked.

Yes, it also has to completely be behind the remove shape at all times, for every frame you want to remove on.

Sounds like that might be the problem.

thanks, I’ll give it a try tomorrow.

Hi Mary,

it works, thank you!

But I have one further question:
Do I have to use two seperate Masks and cleanplates for Left- and Right Eye (top / Bottom)? Or is there a better solution (using cleanplates)?

Got it.
Missed the “Operate in all Views” Button.

Perfect, glad you are all set!