Remove module not working in Davinci Resolve 16.3 beta

I think mochapro is not working correctly in Davinci Resolve 16.3
I rolled back from 17beta to the previous 16 but this time instead of 16.2.7 I installed 16.3 .
Now when I remove an object with a clean plate everything works perfect inside the Mocha Pro Ui but once I save and get out I render in the module render in Davinci and select remove but the problem is that the object is removed with the plate but it does not take into account the tracking so the plate moves around.
Are you aware of any issues with version 16.3 with Mocha Pro. Is there a way to go around this? I was on Mocha Pro 7.02 installed the last one 7.5.1 rendered again and I can see the remove perfect inside the Mocha Pro UI but once I step out and render in the render module the plate is ok but no tracking data applied.
If I render it out from inside MochaPro UE no problem again. It is only on the Davinci Render Module that the tracking data is not taken into account.

Mocha Pro is not officially supported by Resolve in the color page, but i’m still curious to see how your project is set up.

What system are you using?