Remove module not working


I am trying to remove a car from a shot. It is a simple shot. I have fully tracked/masked the car. It is a very solid track. I have also tracked the portion of the ground. The car track is always withing the background track. The que of the layers is correct. But when I am trying to remove the car, the car remains as it is. No removal is being done.
Have you face this problem?


Do you ever see the background behind the car during the shot, or is the car always covering the background?
Can you post an example screen shot?

I give you the link of a video I uploaded to YouTube so that you can see everything I did. Everything have been done the right way:

  1. I masked and tracked the foreground object (a stationary car). The track was very good and solid.
  2. I masked and tracked the ground the car is. The track was also very good. The ground was in one plane and it was much larger than the track layer of the car. There is much background information, so it is a very easy situation. The car track layer is always withing the boundaries of the background (ground) track.
  3. The track order is correct. Above is the car track layer and below is the ground track layer.
  4. When I press the render frame button, the car remains to exist and is not disappearing.
  5. It’s like the Remove module is not working.

Watch the video and you will see that everything is correct. I cannot find any fault.
I did a remove render test trying to remove a much smaller area withing the ground layer but still nothing happens.
Any help would be appreciated.

This is the link: - YouTube


:smiley: i watched the video, hey ,man you have not information of the backround of the car , it means mocha doesnt see anything behind the car to remove the should create the clean plate then import it. just watch this tutorial , you will understand everything:

Hello! There is a lot of background area. I did tried to remove a little rock instead of the big car and still I couldn’t. I get your point. You say there is not enough background area because the car is almost stationary and it doesn’t move so that Mocha to sample the area behind it. If there was a moving object, then it would be easier since it wouldn’t obscure the area behind it… I thought that since everything is almost stationary, it is a rather easy situation. I will try creating a clean plate.

Thank you!

There is no other way man.Watch this tutorial, and you will be understand everything, how mocha works.