Remove module pulls wrong colour

I’m not sure if what I’m doing is possible to achieve in Mocha. I’m removing some illuminated signs from a room using a cleanplate done in Photoshop and Remove module. It works great for the majority of the shot, however when an actor walks across the signs, instead of a nice remove using background colours, Mocha pulls colours from his hair and his shirt into the sign, so as soon as he approaches the sign, the remove layer has all sorts of colours instead of a nice grey that it has before the actor appears. To better illustrate it, it looks like the actor’s hair or shirt is behind a frosted glass. I separated his head and body on a topmost layer and tracked it so they are on top of my remove layer, however it didn’t help.
I’m using ‘Interpolate’ illumination model as the shot’s lighting changes massively and it works best in this instance.
For confidentiality reasons I’m unable to provide screenshots.

That’s because of illumination modeling. Turn it off where the across passes over the signs and hand color correct for those frames. Since illumination modeling pulls from the pixels around your remove, it is pulling pixels from your actor. But you can just turn it off for those parts.

Try that and let me know if it solves your issue for you.

You may have to hide some errors with edge feathering too.