Remove module question?


HI Mary

is it possible to remove me hands out of the footage, i am using it as a lesson to myself.
do i have to track anything. what do i or would i need to do in this style footage to do so?

hopefully it work, its done in default VP

Thanks for your time and advise

it didnt seem to work uploading,
long version

you only to watch the first 90 frames thou

You will still need to track the background frames to get the data necessary to track, but you can just track translation.
I would also suggest making a clean plate of the first clean frame to speed things up.

Let us know how that works for you!

@martinb @maryp

OK, cool! so i don’t have to track anything in the background behind the hand and finger movements them.

Thank you!

question thou:
in Vegas pro when i am done saved and exited mocha, Vegas Pro doesnt seem to get that data from mocha, because i can still see the hand and fringe in the video after doing so, even after picking the module render and selecting module remove and render. am i missing a step for doing it VP18, any pointers ?

got it to work in Vegas Effects thou

Thanks you both for your time and expertise

It should render correctly in Vegas Pro. Are you running Mocha Pro via an event FX or a track FX?
Have you tried clearing the Vegas TEMP cache? This can solve a lot of problems.

i believe i am using it as an event FX, if was just following the tutorial on the remove module that Mary did in the mocha essentials premium tutorials but used some of my own footage that fix the bill. it was completely opposite from Mary’s.

it must have just been something i did, or was doing wrong, i got it to work, and re-did it

and prefect, lol was far as my limited trained eyes can tell.

what gives, the video is in VP18 Magix avc /aac mp4 format, why doesn’t it display here?, ok so what is the right format to use here then?

Question: once i am done and removed my parts of the footage and exit back Mocha to vegas. then i see another error and go back into mocha to correct my mistake in my removal process. when i go back into mocha, it say “frame # don’t render in clip remove input” and i have to do it all again, is that normal for the remove module?


Not sure. The forum web player might just not like this specific format.

This is very important: You do NOT have to re-render the remove in Mocha. The rendering in Mocha is for preview and export purposes only. All rendering is redone in the host timeline.

The render cache is cleared when you exit Mocha. This is because there may have been changes to the host source layer and we want to make sure you have up-to-date information.
If the render cache wasn’t cleared on exit, you may change something in the source footage (color correction, etc) and then the render results wouldn’t be correct.

I’ll restate this for absolute clarity: Mocha plugin projects are always re-rendered in the host timeline. They do NOT use the cached render in the Mocha GUI. You never have to fully render in Mocha to get a result in the host, in fact, you will lose all rendering when you exit Mocha unless you export it.

This is different for Mocha Standalone, where the cache is retained because in those cases you absolutely do want to keep what you’ve rendered.



Thanks for clarifying that, good to know.

i bought the plugging version but i have the standalone installed on another computer that i still play with, so i actually knew the last part. i cant use any of it after thou in LE mode, but its great for practicing

You DO have to track behind the hands, but it can be anywhere on the background and eventually the shape layer will need to be large enough to be behind the fingers for a proper remove.

Thanks Mary!

i got that part thou from your training video on remove module, but i was wondering if i had to map everything separately like you mentioned in your video do to parallax, since my scene is so different from yours i was curious.

If you notice parallax in the parts where your hands pass over, then yes. But I think you can get away with one shape for the sky area. You might need a different one for the ground.

i am still new at the parallax stuff, so i wasn’t sure.

yes, i got it done by simply tracking behind both the finger and hand, getting from your example from the training video and Martin suggestion as well and tossed in some clean plates.

worked like a charm