Remove Module Question

I have a panning shot of a bathroom and the only way to shoot it required me standing in the shower (fully clothed, of course) with a mirror right in front of me.

So I got a second shot of a closed shower door to use as my clean plate.

I set up 2 layers one tracking the wall around the shower door, the other is a spline that’s only the door and it’s linked to the track of the first layer.

Door spline is on top. I made a cleanplate using the closed shower door. When I render the frame that generated the cleanplate, it looks great. As a render forward or backward, the door doesn’t move along with the track. It’s like it’s cutting out a window and what’s under it is staying put.

Is your background layer tracked accurately? Layer 1 (the BG layer) is the layer that needs the track for the remove to work.

Align your surface tool and check the track for Layer 1. That should fix your issue.

The track seems good and solid to me. I clicked “Align Selected Surfaces” below the layer controls and that had no effect. Here’s a link to download screen grab movie so you can see the effect.

You don’t need to align the selected surfaces, you need to align the surface tool to the shower on layer 1 to check the BG track. You’re still on the remove layer, which doesn’t matter as far as tracking goes for the remove. The BG track is what matters.

I just started completely from scratch and now it’s working as expected.

I started trying to fix this shot by using the insert module and when I realized that wouldn’t work, I switched to the remove module. Is it possible there were remnants from my attempt at using insert?

Thanks for your help.

Yes, that’s possible. In general, you can’t really “mix” modules well in mocha. Get your track where you like it, then save the file. Make a copy of that file if you need to use multiple modules for best practices.