Remove Module rendering black frames

i’m trying to remove some elements from an image sequence and although i believe i’m following the correct procedure i’m getting a strange error.

when i render the removal i can play it back in the timeline and it looks perfect, exactly how i want it to. so i go to render it out as an .exr sequence (the same type as the source) and what i get is a bunch of black frames, just solid black. and when i return to mocha and scrub the timeline again, it too is all black. i can select undo render and i can see the original footage again, and i can even re-render the removal again, but as soon as i go to export, it’s all black again.

i also noticed there is a dark blue line in my timeline that is attached to the left side of the play head and it seems to link directly to the color coded bar at the top which shows if things are rendered or not. i don’t belive i’ve seent his before and i couldn’t find out what it means so i’m thinking it may be related.

anyone else encounter this problem? i really hope someone can help offer some insight because it’s terribly frustrating to accomplish your work only to find out you can’t actually save it or export it to another program.

Mary, that’s a good suggestion and it worked to a degree, but still with some puzzling behavior.

i was able to export my sequence and what i wanted gone was removed, but the resulting tiff files were had a very different gamma, they were very washed out. i tried with and without the checkbox for reapply original gamma/log but that didn’t make a difference. i am working with 32 bit .exr files if that may be the issue. perhaps i need to export my frame sequence as tiff to begin with instead of .exr, then it wouldn’t be converting file types at export. i’ve attached a picture. on the right you can see the background plate has a very different gamma.


the strange behavior though is that after the export, when i scrubbed the timeline to see if the frames were there still or they had turned black i found that all were there but one, which had turned black. i scrubbed/played through the timeline a few times and as i continued to scrub back and forth more frames dropped out and turned from the correctly rendered removal to a black screen. when i stopped all but the last 3 had turned black. i went on to some other work in after effects leaving mocha alone and when i returned after a few minutes all the frames that were rendered had become black. this is very strange behavior and i can’t determine its cause. any insights?

also, can you tell me what the heck that blue line means in my original post? i just wanna know :slight_smile:

Can you try rendering it out as a TIFF sequence and seeing if you get the same results?

The blue line should be the render or the track, depending on the module.

As to the gamma, try adjusting your log values to exactly those of the original files. Usually that will fix this sort of thing.