Remove Module Selective Removal

Im running into an issue with the Remove module. I have a clip that I want to do a remove on certain frames. So the clip starts on frame 224. And I want to remove a wire from frame 224-229. Then the wire later reappears at frame 245. But once I set the in and out for the track and the roto layer and render my remove. I can no longer jog ahead in the clip to perform my other removals with the other layers. It tells me that the frame is not rendered in the Remove Insert module. Is there a work around for this? I have other removals in this clip Id like to take care of as well without having multiple clips of the same shot stacked and masked on top of one another.

Try changing the layer back to ‘input’ in the dropdown at the top left of the mocha view.

That works but then I dont see my previous remove unless I switch it back to remove. Id like to be able to play the clip back and see how the remove is blending into the rest of the clip.

There’s a few things you can do here:

  1. Add another layer. There is no limitation to the amount of remove layers for a given clip, you just need to make sure you tweak your parameters for each remove layer and that they don’t interfere as foreground elements for other removes. Animate the layers off screen when you don’t need them anymore
  2. Animate the single remove layer offscreen and back on again. A bit hacky, but the layer will “remove” empty space until you bring the layer back on again.

In both of these instances, you won’t want to set the in/out points for the layers as mocha will need the information across the clip and may get confused. You just move them out of the way so the render can continue. Parts of the clip that don’t have anything to remove will just render the frame untouched.

There is only ever one rendered remove clip, which is a combined render of all the available remove layers.
You can do something called a “multi pass” render in the standalone version, which feeds the previously rendered remove into a new output image, but this is the same as stack plugin effects in the host.

Ok. I’ll give these a shot. Thank you