Remove module- wire/smoke

I’m having a lot of trouble getting a clean removal of wires in a shot with a lot of smoke. Interpolate did a bit better than linear but it is still far from where it needs to be. I’ve attached a picture of the first frame. The bucket is pulled so that the water comes out the spout. Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated. I’m using Mocha pro with in Avid.


Do you have Continuum or only Mocha? If the smoke is not moving in a linear way (and it looks like it isn’t) then you’re going to have to either do some rotopaint for this shot, as it is VERY unlikely you are going to get a rock solid background track for this smoke good enough for a remove, or you can use mocha to patch over the wires in larger patches (without a track on the insert) and roto the watering can over the patches. You can do that with Mocha pro and the insert module for the patches (use the same footage as a patch), and use Mocha Pro on a different layer to put the can back on top. If you have Continuum you can use the Mocha inside of the Continuum “Remover” plugin to do the patch instead of the Mocha Pro insert. This is a tricky shot.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.


Hi Mary, thank you so much for the reply. I do not have Continuum so I’m hoping to accomplish it all in Mocha. I think I’m getting the gist of what you’re saying about doing a patch over the wires and then rotoing the can back on top. I’ve used Mocha mostly for stabilization and simple roto so all this is a bit beyond my knowledge. I’ve watched and learned a lot from your tutorials, do you have any that go over this process in detail?

I’m sure I will have more questions as I work my way through it, so thank you for being willing to help.


This is the closest tutorial I have, but you’d use the original footage instead of cleanplates: Boris FX | Mocha Pro: Patching & Removing Obscured Objects with Insert Module

Great, thank you so much! I’ll let you know if/when I have more questions.

Hi @maryp, similar to the original question, I’ve been learning and trying to remove smoke from this aerial of a cruise ship. We have these types of aerials with smoke often. I was hoping you could guide us in which strategy to learn., e.g. exclusive cleanplates in Mocha Pro? Silhouette instead?

I’ve attempted BCC Remover in Continuum, Mocha Pro, After Effects Content Aware Fill.


I would try to remove it with color correction and maybe Continuum’s flicker fixer over the ship because the parallax is awful. I’d then patch the ocean with more ocean if possible. Just using roto.