Remove module, works in ae but ae doesn't export it

I have a Mocha removal applied in After effects 2020, last verison of mocha 2020.5, render box is activated, and the removal works perfectly. I see it in after effects and plays in the timeline. When I hit render it doesn’t apply it. If I save a frame of the comp it does. But not even image sequence works. Is this a bug? any work around?

This is in the Mocha AE forum, are you using Mocha AE or Mocha Pro? I’d imagine Mocha Pro since you are asking about the remove. SO, when you add the render to the render queue the Remove is not applying? But it is on the timeline? Can you check and see if your render settings are the same frame rate as the footage interpretation and comp settings in AE? Do you have any other plugins or effects on the layer you are creating the remove on?

Please let me know and I will be happy to help you further.


Hi Mary,
Sorry didn’t realized, I am using Mocha Pro in After Effects for an stereo vr piece. The removal is for a rail at the nadir, and it works fine inside Mocha and I see it perfectly in the timeline in After Effects all along.
The Render settings and composition match is a 7680x7680 composition with 29.7fps. As soon as I hit render in the render queue or from Media encoder it doesn’t show.
I tried to import the ae project in premiere to see if I can render from there. The funny thing, the thumbnail in premiere shows removed but then in the timeline I see the rail.
I deleted caches from ae and Mocha and same results. I did the project again with a different video and same problem. I don’t have any other effect applying.
Thanks for your help Mary!

Can you email me some screenshots at or post them here? I will see if I can get to the bottom of this for you.

Just sent you an email. thanks!

Perfect, I see the problem I think. Take the second instance of Mocha Pro and hit CUT, precompose the layer with Mocha Pro still on it and in the precomp options make sure to select “move all attributes into that composition.” Then PASTE the Mocha effect you CUT back onto the precomp. Then try to render. You can’t stack up plugins that make significant changes to renders to the timeline in AE, even if they’re the same plugin, without it not liking the conflict between the two.

When I asked “Do you have any other plugins or effects on the layer you are creating the remove on?” that applied to double Mocha effects too. :slight_smile: I hope that helps, let me know if it fixes the issue for you.


I understand you can’t have 2 effects but this plugins are not active. I have this problem even if I remove the effects. I have 2 mocha plugins because I was trying to do another solution to the tracking, and I had one as a back up, that is why is there but is off.
I just tried again removing all the plugins and leaving one Mocha, still the same, that misplaced layer.
If I sport a frame from the menu in ae it comes out fine, if I try to do a tiff seq it doesn’t work neither…

OK, I sent you an email, I’ll probably have to check out your file.