Remove Module

Hi guys. I’ve used the Remove tool a bunch of time, but lately I get an error after it renders: …blah blah blah …“The file may be missing, corrupted, or in an unsupported format”


I usually work with dpx files, but one of my clients uses exr. Could this be the problem?


Cheers, Mike

Does it give you that error when you read the new file in or does it give you that error when you try to render?


Hi Mary. Everything goes swimmingly through the track, then bringing it into the Remove Module. Then it goes through the render process and I can see the rig lines vanishing like magic. Then when the render is done and I try to play back or step through the timeline, the screen goes grey and the error msg appears. I can reselect the original clip in the top menu, re-render and it will go through it all again, but still gives the error when I try to play/step frame.


Are you able to go to “export rendered clip” and export the data? This sounds like a bug. Can you email me a screenshot at and CC our product manager, Martin Brennand at ?