Remove not removing all of the object / screenshot provided

New to the remove module. Ive watched several tutorials today, but still havin issues.

You can see in the screen shot that my shape for the jeep covers all of the Jeep, and my BG shape covers the road behind the shape, but when I click render button it only partially removes the vehicle…Why?

Hard to say without checking the whole shot, but this usually happens when there is no background for that particular section of the road available in time to use amongst the frames that isn’t covered by the foreground matte.

In this instance, if the foreground shape is always covering the part of the road at other points in time, Mocha assumes that you don’t want to use the background as reference underneath that area.
In some cases you may not have this information, especially if the background disappears from view before it is car-free.

Having said that, I think there may be a solution here. If you’re willing to share the shot to my email, I can show you how to do this: martinb [at]

I’ve taken a look at the shot you sent me and it is as I expected: The car is almost always covering parts of the road that would be needed to reference a Remove.

For this particular shot, you need to get your remove mask very tight to the shadow and car in order to get the maximum reference of the background. When it was quite close to the car I had no problem removing it.

In some instances, however, this will not be enough when the foreground object always covers the background at some point in time.

In that case, the next step is to paint a clean plate:

  1. Render a remove frame
  2. Press “Create” in the clean plate section to save off a high bit depth plate of the render
  3. Take the saved frame into Photoshop (or your preferred image editor) and paint the remaining car out of the shot
  4. Return to Mocha and re-render

I’ll try both of your methods today.

I was able to get it to work yesterday, but it took multiple passes

  1. Render it out as is was with half the car showing, render to drive.
  2. Bring shot back in for another pass to remove Jeep, render to drive.
    3 Bring shot back in to clean up remain artifacts.
    It was the long way to get it done, but I met deadline.

I would love to see you project where you get it done in one pass.

I’ll email you the project file.