Remove Object create plate when camera is moving

I used Mocha Pro 2019 to perform an object removal by creating a clean plate. What is happening is that the actor caused a very minor shake to the object that is being removed, and you can see that shake in the fill from Photoshop is shaking. DO I have to track the camera or otherwise stabilize the footage before I perform a removal, or is there another approach to this issue?

See the footage before removal here: Brooke Lily Tickle Before Removal - YouTube

See the issue AFTER removal here: Brooke Lily Tickle - YouTube

For this shot, I would definitely stabilize first, remove second.

Ok, but going forward to more complex shots, what if the camera were intentionally moving? How would I track that prop which is going to be replaced such that the fill area doesn’t move?

You’d need a better track. The only reason your remove is floating is because the track is not correct. If your track was rock solid, the remove would be too.