Remove on static camera | 360 Video

We are trying to remove a person from a static shot by using a cleanplate, however, can not get this to work. We’ve watched all remove tutorials and followed the steps meticulously, however, they all have a moving camera/pan and a moving subject that is to be removed. In our case, we have a static camera and a static subject and I cannot find any tutorials or find anything about this kind of remove in the manual. Or maybe I’ve missed it? The reason why we want to use Mocha for this is that the footage is either a) slightly shaky (from wind on the tripod) or b) the lighting conditions change due to clouds, etc. or a combination of a) and b). It would be great to get some help on a static remove with automatic lighting adjustments. Ideally the stabilisation would be done in the same project, however, this is not critical. We’re happy to render two intermediate files for these two steps if it’s not possible to combine them in one project. So the most critical part is the static remove.

Thanks for any help,


Hi Eric,

This is a standard workflow with a cleanplate regardless of whether or not this is pan or lock-off shot. I will write out a high level overview for creating a remove this way.

Step one: draw a shape around the object you want to remove and track it.
Step two: draw a larger shape around this object to track the background, make this larger than the remove object shape/layer and put it below the remove shape/layer before tracking.
Step three: Track the background.
Step four: Select the object remove layer, select the Remove tab, click “create cleanplate” on a nice and clear frame and save it.
Step five: Make sure you paint or patch out the object you want to remove in the cleanplate, if you have shot your own cleanplate, align it with this frame. Flatten and save this image.
Step six: In the remove tab, adjust any settings you like, and render.

Your object should be removed.

Your mileage may vary depending on parallax. If you have parallax in your shot, you might need to patch in pieces with the insert tab instead. But for mild shake on a lock-off camera, this should work fine. As this is a 360 shot, it might just be way easier to patch something over the tripod in the Insert module with feathering and call it a day instead of using the remove.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.