Remove reflections

I made a short film and in the window you can see the lighting I was using.
I tried to follow the tutorial but it didn’t work, don’t have any clean frame without because you can see the light all the time.
What do I need to do?

thx in advance

Hey there,
If there are no clean frames w/out the reflection, you will need to feed Mocha Pro at least one clean frame. This is typically something that is cloned in Photoshop or any paint module.

That you import this clean frame into the Remove Module’s Clean Plate section (lower right). To get a good remove, you always need to have a good track on the bottom layer. In this case the track layer should be your window. The Remove layer should be above this layer and is the garbage matte that would be placed where your reflection is.

I would recommend watching a few tutorials that cover the clean plate workflow. Whether they are removing reflections, logos, etc - the workflow is the same.

Here are a few good ones:

or all the Remove tutorials: Boris FX | Videos