Remove Render Disappears Re-opening

So Im removing a lot of Dots from actors face and I save the file after I remove each dot. When I close the file and re-open the dots are back and I have to re-render the removal tool. Why is this? It is killing my time frame. When I save the file shouldn’t the render be saved as well when I re-open the file. Am I missing something?

Yea this is still not working for me. Is there a preference file I can delete and have a new one created when it re-opens. The file might be corrupted

That might be the problem right there. I never set the Cache location. It has always been at the original location the program set. So if I set my cache at my project location every time I set up a projects all should be fine you think?

See attached picture. The Data Cache is at /var/tmp/MoTemp ? Correct?

Hi lproduction,

When you render, the rendered remove is cached to your Results directory. If this is not cleared, it should restore when you load the project next time. Cached renders only clear if you either uncheck “Retain Cached Renders” in the save dialog when you close the file, or if you delete them manually from the Results folder.

To view the previous Remove clip when you open your project, you need to select the clip from the “Clip to show in the main Window” in the View Controls, in the top left of the viewer. By default, when a project reopens it will always load the base “working” clip that you started with.

If you are doing multiple removes, you may want to create a few passes. To do this:

  1. Go to the “Output” tab in remove and select “New…”
  2. Give the clip a new name, such as “REM-PASS02”
  3. Switch back to the “Input” tab
  4. Select your previous Remove from the “Input Clip” tab

This will feed your previous remove into the remove module then will render a new remove pass based off the older one, which is very useful if you have a few different sections to clear up.

Yes, go to the folder on your drive and select all the contents, move them to the trash can, and get rid of them.

You can try deleting your cache, your renders will be in the results folder, and you’re cache will be wherever you have designated the folder to be in your mocha preferences. Simply delete them.

No, what I am talking about are two different caches. One is your results folder, you can set that anywhere you like at the beginning of the shot, or mocha makes one for you automatically.

The second is a data cache. It just needs to be cleared.