Remove Render not activating


I’m working on a 180VR Side by Side clip that I have brought in on the standalone version. I have created my spline using the wonderful magnetic tool. But, after tracking the render tools stay greyed out. What is up with that?



Are you displaying “essentials” mode or “classic”? The Essentials mode only displays the track controls, while Classic will switch the control to Render when you enter the remove module OR other modules that can render.

A cool thing is you can modify the tools. If you right click your main timeline next to the play controls, you can display various tool views. This was a user that likes essential mode but wants to have all the transport controls visible, they can customize. Saving these as user layouts should be coming in next beta. Hope this helps.



Thanks, I was in Essentials, so I’ll switch to classic and see if that works. Love the speed of the tracking, sooooooo much faster!