Remove renders in Mocha... but not in AE

Hi. I did a remove on an object I tracked… all went well and I rendered the result in Mocha pro AE Plug(5)
to check that it was all OK.
but when I went back to AE and selected to render the remove… it did not render the same way.
I had a deadline so I exported a mov file from Mocha and finished the edit in PP.

What did I do wrong for it not to work in AE?


Do you have the “Cleanplate Clip” set to “none”? If you have it set to your plate it looks like it’s not doing anything.


I’m “using clean plates exclusively” (Photoshop retouched), Brian.

That’s the one that usually gets me. I haven’t used AE so I’m just guessing. The only other thing I can think of is having “Remove” selected in the viewer and having the gear icon next to the layer you want removed.

Next time, try doing a text render in Mocha and seeing if it populates back to Premiere. If it does not, try clearing the Mocha cache and the Premiere cache and trying again. Make sure you’ve check the render checkbox, the plugin is on, and the remove option is selected from the render dropdown. If it still doesn’t work, open a case with us, that sounds like a bug we might need to explore. Boris FX | Open a Case

Thanks Mary and Brian. Will try suggestions and see how I go.
As mentioned I worked around it and go the job done.
Thanks for responding so quickly.
I’m new to the forum and can see some great questions/ or issues and many respondents helping.
Great stuff
Cheers Tom
From Australia

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