Remove same thing with different parallax


I got a pillar stand in two different parallax. Mocha can help me to remove the upper part cause with enough background information. But the lower part must be remove by clean plate. May I know how to do that in same time? Cause I export the “Upper removed” to a video and than apply Mocha pro again to remove the lower part. I know this is not the right way.
Raw Footage for download here


Just use one shape for the pillar to remove it, but use two background shapes for the road and the curb and that should fix the issue for you.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.



Thanks Mary,

If I use only one shape for the pillar that’s mean I only can choose “Use Cleanplates Exclusively” and remove the whole pillar by photoshop because the base of the pillar stick on the ground and not enough background information.

In this video mocha Pro - remove module over view around 01:37, I can see the bikini girl can remove by up and lower part seperately, is this the same case?



It is the same case, but I don’t think a cleanplate was needed. If you use a cleanplate, just make sure you have enough information on the cleanplate to cover the whole area needed in both. There’s not a really good way to do a separate cleanplate for each BG element, so you might find better results with two passes of Mocha Pro Remove Module and then compositing both together.



How to do it in two passes? Could you mind teaching me the step? Thank you very much.


To do this in the plugin… You need to make one remove for the ground area. Then duplicate the layer in your host and stack it above the other remove. Then remove the other ground area. Now you can use Mocha roto to isolate the remove to the section you need it in. That should work for you.
In the standalone you just need to make two different renders and composite them together in another host with Mocha shapes.

So you understand what I mean?



Hi Mary

This is my working video “Process”. How do you think? Is it a right way for solving this video?
Thank you very much.



It’s ONE right way to do it though it’s not what May suggested, because she answered you about the 2 separate areas treatments option.
But I saw you post a few weeks ago and I knew it wasn’t going to be tough to fix this. And I think the way you did it on your YT vid is the easier way.
/my 2 cents


Hi Anson,

That’s definitely one right way to do it. Except you don’t need to set an insert layer with removes, only check the render checkbox and select remove in the dropdown menu. Inserts are for inserts. Either way, the remove looks good to me, that’s what matters.

The “right” way to do your shot is the one that gets your frames finaled. Technique wise, however, the method you used seems solid.

And if you have any blending issues along the edge of the sidewalk and the road you can always split the removes up and composite them together with roto. But it doesn’t look necessary for this shot with what you did.



Hi Mary,

Thank you for your help. :blush:
I am a beginner in Mocha so I got many questions when learning every module.



Thank you Factorysam.