Remove shadow from a dark jacket


I’ve a big problem…

I don’t know how remove this terrible boom shadow from the jacket of my hero…

I hope someone could help me. Thank you!

You will probably get best results with mocha import+ and nuke or AE to paint this shadow out. Or you can patch it in the insert module.

You will need to track the jacket around the boom mic shadow, make sure you get as rock solid of a track as possible, and then roto the boom mic for replacement.

What is the problem you are having?


IMHO this is much less of a problem as-is than you think. Looks like it could be a shadow from the bars of the stairwell.

With respect, I wouldn’t even try to fix it. But of course Mocha can do it.

Now, if it re-occurs much more than what we see in the short video sample, then yeah - I guess you’ll need to fix it :slight_smile:

The problem is the tracking (when the guy moves his arm the tracking goes crazy)…the right settings (translation, scale, rotation, shear, perspective…), the method…and I don’t understood exactly which software I have to use after the tracking…

Please, if you have any suggestion… :frowning:


This sounds like a surface behind the camera issue. What happens when you turn the surface on, does it disappear?

If you using perspective when you track, it may be that your surface is going behind the camera in mocha and corrupting the data. In mocha, problem splines can occur when the tracking data has become so skewed it goes off or “behindcamera, the keyframes the tracking data generates can throw the shape information out of order. You may need to re-track the shape using only translation, scale, rotation, and shear instead of perspective. This is especially true for complex roto of an object that is turning away from screen or tracking an object that is turning.
Can you let me know if that is the issue?

Hi Mary,

I’d like to know the best way for tracking the jacket properly, bacause I’ve tried in many different ways without any decent result… :frowning:

I need to use adjustrack or the manual tracking? There’s a specific method to track this clip? After the tracking, I’ve to use the remove module or export the tracking data in After Effects?

Thank you.


If you’re running into an issue with the arm track then you may need to re-track the shape using only translation, scale, rotation, and shear instead of perspective. Or even just translation for some problem frames. There’s only so much angle change you can track before you have to massage a track. Honestly, this is probably more of a mocha assisted paint job than something really easy to do, because organic cloth forms always need a little bit (sometimes a lot) of hand correction over the top of the tracks.