Remove spline area instead of tracked area?

I am removing the static overlay of a shot, so I tracked the camera movement of the shot that lies beneath it and linked to it a spline of the overlay I wanted to remove, and then set keyframes to keep the spline on the overlay area. My intentions in this were to remove the area in the spline but have the cleanplate placement be based on my camera movement tracking data. The thing is that it is not removing the area enclosed in the spline; it is just removing based on the tracking data, regardless of keyframes. The weird thing is that it does not always do this, so I’m not sure what to think. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The foreground spline does not need to be linked to the background track. You can just have a static layer.

The the background does not have enough information the foreground object may not get completely removed. You may need more than one cleanplate.