Remove spots in out of focus lights

I would like to know if it is possible in Mocha Pro to track and remove dozens of spots at once that are showing in out of focus lights (I guess the rear lens had some dust).
I have tried with paint (clone) and track inside Fusion (Davinci) but with no success as there are so many steps involved that I get lost with the tracking part.
As the movement is lineal I though that once I create a plate without the spots and i applied a track all of them would disappear as the track would make this possible.
Would something like this be possible in a more easier way in Mocha Pro than in Fusion as I am on a dead end here. Or is my only option to remove all the spots frame by frame. I hope not as it would take me a whole day…:frowning:

Dust spots removal in out of focus lights

Can you open up permissions on that link so I can take a look?


Sorry It is open now.

The compression is so high I can’t see the spots, BUT in this case that might be a good thing. Have you considered BCC Dust and Scratches for this? It might just fix it without having to use the remove tool.

That being said, you can track this and use the remove module in Mocha Pro for a remove or even faster, since it’s random frames, use Mocha’s planar tracker to stabilize the shot inside of Silhouette Paint and just dust bust the worst parts by hand.

Or you can use Mocha Pro’s stabilize module and stabilize the shot and dust bust in Fusion the same way. There are many ways to skin this cat.

Probably a combination will get you best results, but since I can’t see the dust through compression, try the Dust and Scratches filter first.


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Hello Mary:
It is a Google thing. If you download the 250 mb clip it is of high quality. When you visualize on the browser you get all this compression depending on your internet connection.
The dust was on the camera lens and inside of the bokeh lights there is a spot round patterns. Nothing to do with the film dust and scratches. That would be easy removed with the Dust and scratches plugin of Davinci or Boris as you mention.
The stabilize the shot paint out the spots and add the motion again in have been suggested to me but not sure it would help as there is the lamp that is occluding sometimes some of the defocused lights with their spots.
Eliminating the spots paint and tracking every spot can be done but it is really a very long to make solution. I thought there might be a way to track and apply the tracking data to all the cloning in the spots. I tried in Fusion but it does not work. Tracking a single light and eliminating the spots inside is not a problem at all it’s doing it to all at once that I can’t find a solution.
Maybe I am being to ambitious and such a thing is not possible yet.

Ah, I see now. And yeah, then I think stabilize paint is the solution. Applying the track to the paint is the same thing but the workflow is slightly different. And stabilize paint is just easier to visualize.

I think there’s too much foreground occlusion for the Remove to be a good solution here, but it would be a good solution for the reflections of the people in the lamp. Just not the background spots.

This can be done, the question is how much work you want to put into it.


Thank you Mary. Your insight is very helpful. I will try the stabilize paint solution only to see how it works as I usually have always tracked the objects to remove. Still learning when Davinci Resolve Fusion and when Mocha Pro is the best solution to remove. It is great to have such support from your part.
On the other hand congratulations on the new MochaPro. It is evolving to a great software piece.

Thank you, we are excited about the release and remain happy to help. Have a great day.