Remove stable object on moving background

I have a gopro in a shot that was given to me and i have to remove it. As you can see in the picture the background moves but the object is largely stable. How should i go about this? I can’t seem to figure it out.

There is a lot of non-coplanar data moving behind that gopro. While we can help with that, you’re looking at a super complex remove that might take longer than hand painting it. You don’t just have a ground plane, you have fences, trees, houses, telephone poles, etc. Those all have to be tracked separately. It will be faster to paint it using the tracking data for some parts rather than tracking and rotocoping all the background objects.

In order for the remove to work, you need a pretty planar background. Busy backgrounds are not good remove candidates.

ah okay thank you, that is a bummer, but oh well