Remove still not working

I’ve watched the videos, created a cleanplate… the first time, instead of picking up just the hand, it picked up some of the actresses dress… don’t know why.

Second try I set it to exclusively clean plate and nothing happened at all. If I don’t set it to exclusively clean plate it renders slow as mollasses AND I still get dress… please help

thank you;

PS- I’m trying to remove a ring from a hand and the hand is not moving very much… tracked the ring just fine, tracked the hand just fine, made a cleanplate in photoshop using the clone stamp just fine… why is this still not working?

I replied to your other thread. Feel free to upload screen shots or email me your project.

Hi Ross;

After a few more attempts, it worked… sort of. The ring is gone, a few of the frames look like the clean plate, but most look like her ring figure got ripped apart by some horrible disease… all of a sudden :slight_smile:

I’m thinking, it needs some feathering on the ring layer? Would that help? Not sure how to keep the finger aligned under the ring. Any thoughts?

Thank you for being in touch :slight_smile:

Yes - typically the remove layer should be larger than the actual remove area and be feathered. In fact, remove layer does not have to be tracked. Only the background layer in a remove requires track. To get a successful remove the bg track needs to be very solid.

the hand track looks very solid to me… in terms of scew, rotation… not so much scale… the camera moves back from the subject, I played with keyframes around that some, but since it’s so much larger than the ring, I thought that wouldn’t matter… I’m guessing it does?