Remove tool 2021, Nothing happening when clean plate frame selected

Hello, I am trying to do a simple clean up using the remove to on a video of a face. I have done object removals before and had them work before updating to 2021. What’s happening is that when I import the clean plate and choose frame 1, it will not do anything when rendered. (I am also seeing the text on my screen when I move the menu out of the way - Frame 0 not rendered in clip ‘Remove_Input’)

When I keep the frame as ‘all’, it does the removal but the clean plate is not tracking.

Here are my steps.

  1. Track the background around the eye.
  2. Track the actual eye itself and make sure the removal layer is above the background.
  3. Open up the remove menu on the removal layer, and click on import under cleanplate clip.
  4. Select my frame that has been cleaned up in photoshop.
  5. click on frame number, change to 1.
  6. Check use cleanplate exclusivly.
  7. Click on the render frame.

Nothing happens unless its on all.

Any Ideas? Its a pretty simple shot.

Here are some photos of the shot and what I am seeing. Thank you to anyone who has any ideas.

You need your cleanplate set to the frame you took it from, not “all.” That should fix this issue for you.

Right, I set my clean plate to frame 1, the correct frame that it was taken from, but still nothing happens. It stays the same as the original.

It will only change anything when set to all for some reason.

Can you try deleting the cleanplate and reimporting it?

Yes. I tired multiple re imports, and starting the project completely over.

Ok. Can you email me at maryp at and we can set up a remote session to troubleshoot?

Finally figured out the issue (Sort of). I converted the footage from BRAW and it worked. Thanks for everyone’s help