Remove Tool Challenge

I’m doing a long remove to take out some stray hairs. For the most part everything is working fine, but I’m getting some unexpected results, and not clear what to change to avoid it.

I have a proper tracked background, foreground, hold-out. I made a cleanplate in Photoshop and set the option to only use cleanplates. I’ve also verified that the planes are aligned properly on each layer. I have adjusted the frame look range to only include one cleanplate at a time.

The first 300+ frames work great. Eventually the remove area pans across a set of trees. It does remove the foreground hair properly, but but it’s distorting the trees which are part of the background by pushing them out of the way. The remove area pans from right to left over the whole shot.

Suggestions or pointers of what I’m overlooking appreciated.

first screenshot shows distorted tree, second screenshot is the last good frame.

bad_frame good_frame


Your track on your background shape is either incorrect OR the trees are swaying in the breeze and not static. If they’re static, turn on your surface tool and put it on a tree. If the surface stays glued to the tree, your track is good for a remove, if not, you need to retrack and avoid Foreground occlusions and other noncoplanar data in order to get a better track.

Try that and let me know!


Thanks @maryp. It was indeed the bg track. I had tracked it with another portion of the background that wasn’t moving out of frame so much, but there was enough distortion going on that it eventually got out of sync. Now it’s looking much better.

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