Remove tool doesn't remove anything when I click render

I’m new to Mocha and have watched almost every tutorial I can find on object/logo removal. I understand the need to have a good track on the BG.

I know the logo is close to the edge of the BG shape, but I have tried a dozen different ways of setting up the Remove and simply nothing works.

What am I doing wrong? Is there some setting I am missing?


Are you using a painted clean plate? You need to give Mocha a frame where the logo is not on the jacket. This is often a misunderstanding that new users have. If the clean frame exists in the shot (like a clean part of the background) Mocha can use that. If the remove object is on the same plane as the track (logo on the jacket) than you need to paint out at least one frame.

This might be a useful tutorial to watch: Boris FX | How to Remove a Logo Using Mocha Pro and Adobe After Effects

Or this:

Make sure too that when you paint your cleanplate you way overpaint the logo, to cover any warping from her chest and ensure the arm data doesn’t get pulled across into that area. By overpaint I mean paint out the logo, and her arm out to her shoulder with the same grey/green surrounding the logo.


Thanks for reply.

I have not tried a clean plate yet. In the tutorials I watched they did not create a clean plate. I watched the fish remove one, the drone shadow remove one and the one where the guy removed the car way behind the woman and the trees.

I can see what you are saying about having a part of the background to sample from, but isn’t that the purpose of having a larger “outside” sample BG and a smaller “on top” inside hole that gets filled in?

Am I thinking about it all wrong?

A quick logo removal would always have to have the camera move then? The remove tool only really works when the camera is moving enough?

I can see how that would be confusing, but think of it this way. In all those removes you could see clean pixels where the object you needed to remove was missing, so in the fish shot you could see all the pixels behind the fish to remove it.

When you’re removing on a logo, it is always stuck on the plane you are sampling for the remove, and so there are never any “clean” pixels without the logo on that plane, therefore we have to tell Mocha what clean pixels would look like with a painted cleanplate. You should only need to make one cleanplate for this as long as you pick the plate from an area where the logo is most parallel to the camera.

Does that make sense to you now?


That does make sense. Thank you!

I tried a clean plate and it worked great. Save for issues feathering the edges of the “remove” matte that didn’t quite work for every frame. I don’t know why it was soft for some frames and hard for others.

Is there a specific order of operations as far as setting the feather edge?

The overpainting of the plate worked great BTW. I was a bit unsure about screwing it all up since the clean plate looked really bad once I overpainted, but I now get the idea that Mocha needs to see a lot of clean pixels and only replaces the area of the “remove” matte.

I also tried to remove the Nike logo on her hat and found that checking the “use only clean plates” box got me better results for that logo.

I’ll try the idea of drastic over painting for the hat area as well and see what happens. My clean plate will be a bunch of hat color all around her head, but if it works it works.

Thank you for the guidance as to how Mocha actually looks for clean pixels. I was trying to avoid going into Photoshop to paint a clean plate for a logo remove. Oh well.

Feathering is keyframable and per point, so if you don’t want per frame feathering use the Uberkey and select every frame to place a feather over the shape overall.

Yeah, the overpainting looks funky but it absolutely works within the remove matte just fine.

In general, when using cleanplates for logos, blemishes, etc, you should use cleanplates exclusively.

I am glad you are getting better results now! Sorry it’s frustrating to need plates, but definitely Mocha needs that cleanplate for logos that are on the same plane as the background track.