Remove tool + edge of frame

Hi there,


I am using Mocha Pro’s Remove tool to remove cables on the ground on a set. The cables come from a car in the middle of the frame and go to the edge of the frame (outside the image). The camera is moving.

I use cleanplates (exclusively) for this and I get some strange results at the edges of the whole frame. It sometimes creates whiter blocks at the edge, as if it couldn’t find a way to use the information in the clean plates to replace that part of the image…

Should I use a specific setting to avoid this? Or is there something to do better with my tracking layer?

In general, you should always make a cleanplate on the frame that has the most data showing. If there’s not enough information to replace that section, it might be best to remove as much as you can and then patch that hole in AE or Nuke using your mostly clean plate. Or you can simply do an offset with a mocha mask to fill in the blank section (duplicate the plate, offset it, and use a mask to isolate that section).

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.


Hi Mary,


Thanks for your answer.

The shot is a simple forward-moving traveling in direction of the car. (From large to Medium shot…) Actually I made 3 clean plates. 1 at first frame. 1 at last frame and 1 in the middle. I think I couldn’t do it simpler (or with only 2 frames). And with the result, I then did like you said, creating a patch in AE….