Remove tool for film grain and dust

Hello I am having a problem with the remove tool when trying to get rid of specs of dust and grain as they appear on a digitized film.

I was wondering if there was a specific technique for this or a different approach?

any help would be great! these specs only come onto screen for no longer than 2 frames mostly only 1 frame

It really varies from shot to shot, but this tutorial may help:

For 1-2 frame scratches and spots, the key is to make sure you have solid tracked background a few frames before and behind the spot you need to remove. You don’t need to track the entire scene for spots like this, but if you have a lot of spots in a single shot, one background mask may be enough.

Its funny you sent this one because this is the one that seemed to help the most. I have gotten a lot of the grain to work.

I have been getting tearing and I believe in your tutorials I found that you would increase the frame range and also the shape. when doing this I found it works most of the time but others I cant seem to get rid of the tearing at this point would I have to use a clan plate or is there another way around this?

If you’re seeing a lot of tearing, it’s probably due to a track being off or the roto being too tight. If this dust is over a lots of frames at a time, the remove tool is a great choice for this shot. However, if this dust is only appearing for one frame at a time, honestly you might just get better results hand painting it quickly with a single frame offset in AE or Nuke.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.