Remove Tool getting super slow

Hello everyone,

just wanted to ask why the remove tool is getting slower and slower the more you use it.
Let me explain.

I have footage with a dress with a lot of small paint splatter (the dress is made like this) I need to remove some of them, let’s say 20 (there are around 100+) on the dress.
I start with removing a one or two, by creating Clean Plate (start and end frame), and there it goes very quickly, no problem at all.

I’ve done a few, do the first ones, then a few others, etc etc.

When I arrive to the 10th, it starts to take ages. I don’t why, I gets very very slow.
Usually is a couple seconds to get rid of a paint splat… then it’s like 30 or 40s for each.

I tried to export a clip with the first batch done, then reimporting it to apply the remove to a flat clip,
But still the same…

Anyone has the solution ?


The more layers you add, the longer the remove tool will take, as it has to consider each layer separately and add the result to the solution. A layer that is not set to process (i.e. that doesn’t have it’s cog enabled) will still become part of the foreground or background solution when removing.

Are you removing each spot with a new layer or are you reusing the same layers?

Turning off the visibility or cog of a layer in remove doesn’t disable it from the Remove solution, so if you want to keep your different spot layers in the project file, I recommend going to the first frame and deactivating the layers you have already worked with. It’s worthwhile using the überkey when you do this, as deactivating a layer is an animatable property.

Solved it!
You saved my life!


Is there a way to do a batch activate / deactivate or change any kind of layer properties ? I have quite a lot of layers now, and I have to do them all one by one.

Haven’t found a word around yet.