Remove tool silent crash bug (9.5.4 win)

I am using a 8k 360 canvas and remove a rover.
rover is tracked manually, floor is tracked very carefully and proper.
next step is duplicating the floor track layer and expanding the paths to encompass the rover to be removed.

if this new layer is not big enough to hold all before and after frames specified in the remove tool (i.e. 60/120 frames, but the path kinda only reaches to 40/80 frames, mocha just quits without error.

work around: make sure the path is big enough or lower the before/after frame count. the default values (all frames before and after) will also crash mocha.

Please send us your mocha.log as it will help see any potential crashes or resource issues that led to the crash.

I sent you the log.
from what I can tell, it is a simple “does the spline cover the pixels/frames requested to calculate the remove?” Y: continue. N: silent crash

You can avoid duplicating by just creating a new layer and linking it to the original track. This way you can utilize the full tracking while positioning an independent layer.

A crash however shouldn’t occur so we’ll need to track that one down. Is this in one of the projects you’ve already sent me?