Remove tracking information

Hello, I have a tracked mask, but I want to remove tracking information from some of the frames. I didn’t find any “Remove tracking data to Right/Left side from current keyframe (or current time position)”.
Let’s say I have a tracked layer:
and I want to remove tracking information from current time position to left side, I don’t need this information to export it. How can I get rid of it?
Thank you. :wink:

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Switch to “manual track” and keyframes will appear. you cen then delete keyframes with the key + and key- buttons on the bottom left of the viewport.
Alternately, you can trim the timeline on that layer OR you can retrack that area OR you can delete the keyframes manually in your compositing program after you import the data.

Just be sure to switch back to “large motion” when you’re done. :wink:

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Great answer Mary! Thank you!
Yes, I didn’t realize I can use manual tracking option to see all the keyframes.