Remove Tracking Marker from Waving Cloth Surface

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I want to remove the left tracking marker from the attached shot.

In the attached shot left tracking marker, it is stick to the curtain and its moving, Bending when the girl approaches the window at the end.

The camera is also moving and camera Depth of field is also changing.

The lighting of the shot is also changing.

Is it possible to remove the left tracking marker in Mocha Pro? If Yes, Then can you guide me how can I do that?

Is there any relevant tutorial at youtube or Vimeo?

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Please someone please Help me?

Maybe “divide and conquer” - think of the markers as two track marker’s split by the seam and track in two parts then do two removals with a soft split between them - what ever you do I personally would not be attempting to “finish” the removal in Mocha but instead in external composite but you haven’t specified what your other software is.

Boris / Mocha has a whole host of tutorial’s linked from their site - I’m just an end user btw.

Thanks a lot for your response.

What do you mean by divide the markers.

Do you want me to track each marker separately? Or you are asking me to divide each marker in 2 parts and then track?

By the way I am using Adobe After Effects for compositing.

I couldn’t found any relevant tutorial.

Take a look at this - it’s one rectangular spline w one keyframe as she hit’s the curtain to tighten up the track area. Given how close this is I would be using the track from this to finish with a few manual adjustments. However I’m a Nuke user not AE so I can’t advise you there.

It’s literally 5 Mins work - it took me longer to do the screen recording and upload than it did to do the work - I think you should dive in and see how far you get.

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Thanks a lot for your help. I got removed both tracking markers successfully. :slight_smile: