Remove tripod in a static VR & Stereoscopic shot


I’m wondering if it’s possible to remove the tripod in a static VR&3D shot. For the left and right eye with Mocha Pro.

I made 2 masks. Tracked it, left and right. Put the smaller mask (FG) above the BG. Went to the remove tab and hit render. But it doesn’t work.

Is this just not possbile with Mocha? Or I’m I doing something wrong?

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You need a cleanplate. Or, you might consider just using the floor to the right of this frame up, left of your talent, as an offset patch.

Hello @maryp ! Thank you for the response.

I made a cleanplate but still don’t get any result.

I added the cleanplate to the FG. Hit render. But nothing happend.

This is de cleanplate I made:

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@maryp Could you help me a little bit more?

Yes, I can try. In your cleanplate, what frame number is the cleanplate set to?

@maryp The framenumber is set to: All. I also changed it to: 0. Because I only need one frame. Then went to frame 0 and hit render. But that also didn;t work out.

What frame did you take the cleanplate from?

@maryp I think 0, but it’s a static camera. So it’s not moving.

The cleanplate will have the frame number at the end of the file name if you saved it out of Mocha. If you didn’t save it out of Mocha, that could be part of the problem.

Can you experiment by turning off “prefer same view” and see if that is causing a hiccup?

@maryp I made a new cleanplate on the FG. Dubbelchecked that the frame was on 0.
Fixed the tripod. Imported it. Turned off “prefer same view”. Hit render at frame 0. Still no luck.

OK, thank you, can you email me the file and footage to maryp at I think I am going to have to take a look. Or I can remote into your machine and look later today. Let me know in email whichever you prefer.