Remove wire

hi please help
if i want to remove wire from cloth how can do it with mocha?
the wire in front off the cloth and both of theme moving
wrinkled clothes moving too much

More info needed.

If the camera is stationary I make a Clean platte.

If there is movement camera or objects make Renders.

Need to know much more :smirk:

camera fix but cloth and wires moving

Woah! That’s highly complex and well beyond my skill set.

@maryp please help…

Hi, we aren’t open on the weekends, so I didn’t see this until now. So, this is just straight up hard and you will probably need to use patches. You might get away with rotoscoping the wire, adding a feather to the shape, and the duplicating the plate underneath the wires and shifting the plate right or left in order to get a good base and then rotopaint any other problem areas and attach that data to mocha tracks for realistic movement. The remove module probably won’t handle this on the guy. But probably can on the car if you want to do this in several parts.

If I were painting this, I would try:
A remove on the wire over the car.
Then offset roto.
Then rotopaint.
Composite all that together.
Match the grain.
Then, if there was anything left I could see (unlikely), I would probably fix with warping patches in the insert module and hand animate them.

This will not be fast, it will be tedious, but I think you can do it!


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