Remove with multiple foreground objects that move and occasionally intersect

So I have a shot with two people and a dog running in the foreground (and they occasionally cross in front or behind each other) and I’d like to make a clean plate by removing all these “actors”.


I have roto’ed each actor in its own layer. The background shape is tracked and placed below all these layers. When the running shapes intersect, the remove module leaves behind artifacts that look like the intersection of the two shapes.

The Attach Layers tool doesn’t seem to be made for this situation. Do I need to make them all on the same layer by using the Add X-spline for the Remove to happen cleanly?

And secondly, is there a way to rescue my current setup where they’re all on separate layers? Would hate to have to roto those masks again if I can help it.



Without seeing the scene, the best way in my mind is to do this in two passes:

  1. Remove all the items in the scene and keep the artefacts
  2. Render out the remove
  3. Start a new project with the removed footage and repeat the process to get rid of the final artefacts, using a clean plate if necessary to help.

Did you ever find a solution to this? I have a remove I’m trying to do of an actor who comes out from behind a tree. The shot is fairly static. What I tried to do was roto my foreground tree, then duplicate the roto and flipped the one side of points so that the line where the actor and the side of the tree are exactly the same and then “tracked” appropriately (manually) so this “shared” line never changes. When I go to render I still get artifacting along this shared line. Can anyone share a link to a tutorial that covers removing objects that come out from behind an object or pass behind an object like a tree for example and shows you how to make this share line clean?

The best solution I have found for this is to remove them separately and over remove them into the occluding object and then composite the occluding objet back over the top in AE or Nuke, this gives me more edge control. But no, we are still seeing some artifacting on some joined edges. So that’s my workaround for now.