When I use use remove in Mocha it always crashes except for when I use clean plate Exclusively…what can be the problem? I use the latest ofx version and resolve 16.2.8

Are you rendering to the timeline in Resolve or inside of Mocha? Mocha Pro isn’t fully supported to render to the timeline in Resolve.

It was a node inside Resolve, and not on the timeline. :slight_smile:

Right, what I mean is this, Mocha Pro reads your footage from your host and tries to render back to the host via the plugin, whether it is a node or not. You can render it inside of Mocha and export it via File> “export rendered clip,” but it might not render back inside of Resolve properly.

Mocha Pro OFX rendering inside Resolve is not officially supported yet, so you may run into issues and it is very much in a “use at own risk” situation until the official support is announced.

You may also want to submit a case with the Resolve team. They are aware of Mocha issues, but the more of their users that request for official Mocha Pro support in Resolve, the more likely they help us address the issues.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.