Removing 3:2 pulldown

I have some HD footage, 1280x720 @ 59.94fps, that I want to remove the pulldown from. The original footage was shot at 24p.

(i verified the pulldown by stepping thru it frame by frame.)

I’ve tried all the different cadence settings, using both odd and even fields.

It still won’t come out. The nearest I’ve gotten is 2:2. (and that ain’t so close)

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

Hi Tom,

I’ve looked at the footage, and it doesn’t seem to be using pulldown in the sense I’m familiar with. It’s progressive footage, not interlaced. Rather than spreading the two film frames over five fields, they are spread over five frames. How was the footage captured?

Which other applications are you working with that support this format? I tried it in After Effects and was able to achieve the correct result by setting the composition to 23.976 and footage to 59.94.

As we don’t support this pulldown pattern, you will be best off removing the pulldown in another application then working directly with the 24p material in Monet.

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Hi Tom,

Could you post a short section of the clip so I can try to reproduce the problem please? If you’d rather send it to us directly, e-mail it to support AT

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That was the problem I was having, that is was 59.94 progressive.

Neither Monet or After Effects is familiar with that pulldown. (for sure, it’s a weird one)

It was shot 24p on Vericams, then ingested at 59.94 into Avid DS.

The 59.94 footage into a 23.976 comp trick works like a champ!